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Kerosene - We donot have what we produced - any hope naija

« on: July 25, 2011, 06:02:12 PM »  (Read 1705 times)
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  • Am sad when I read this story on  Kerosene out of reach for oil-rich Nigeria's poor  by the
    Here are some extracts, full news ia at Kerosene out of reach for oil-rich Nigeria's poor
    It's been five months since Toyin Felix last cooked dinner for her family in her kitchen. The price of kerosene is so high this mother of four now builds a fire outdoors with wood instead.
    "My son helps me to blow when the firewood won't catch fire," she says.
    Gas stations in this oil-rich country advertise kerosene for 30 cents a liter, but it actually sells for about three times that.
    When asked to sell kerosene to a customer, one gas station attendant compared it to royalty: "You are asking for the king," he said. "The king is not around."
    The status of kerosene, long considered gas' poor cousin, only recently rose to become one of the most sought-after fuel products in the resource-rich West African nation. Many are taking advantage of the situation.
    Because of government subsidies, kerosene is supposed to only cost 30 cents a liter. But middlemen are reselling it so many times among themselves that it reaches the end-users at highly inflated prices.
    It turns into an expensive — and time-consuming — odyssey just to stay in business for many


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