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5 Myths about Explainer Videos

« on: March 16, 2017, 01:00:47 PM »  (Read 1726 times)
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  • Videos are the current trends now for marketing. In fact, it is the future of marketing on social media platforms. A new research from CISCO reveals that videos will account for 79% of internet traffic by 2020. This is why it is important to have an accurate forecast of what your marketing will look like when the dynamics change and visual contents take over. Explainer videos will play a major role in the videos that will command traffic by 2020. The uniqueness of explainer videos is that the audience sees it as fun while it passes vital information. However, if your brand will harness the opportunity that will come with the future of explainer videos, then you need to debunk any myth you have about explainer videos. Let’s look at common myths:

    1. It is too Expensive: 

    Your explainer video doesn’t have to cost that much if you do it right. With the rapid increase in Thinking illustrationt he way online apps are making things easy, you can produce a video yourself, by using YouTube, Vine, FxGuru, etc. The value you get from an explainer video cannot correlate to the cost of producing the video. What you should focus on should be your content. It is the content that determines the impact, and the value you get when you produce an explainer video.



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