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50 Small Business Ideas for Infopreneurs

« on: February 03, 2017, 08:54:40 AM »  (Read 1412 times)
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  • This is good to read information on 50 Small Business Ideas for Infopreneurs culled from

    Who is an infopreneur?
    Infopreneurs are business owners who make money by selling information. Of course, information can come in many different forms.

    50 Small Business Ideas for Infopreneurs:

    1. Traditional Author
    If you want to share information, writing a book can be a great way to pack a lot into a single product.

    2. eBook Author
    But you don’t have to go through a traditional publisher anymore. You can easily publish your own books online now and sell them as ebooks.

    3.Expert Blogger
    You can also start your own blog on a subject where you have a lot of expertise.

    4. Niche Blogger
    Or you can start a blog in a very specific niche and share information and commentary about just that specific subject.

    5. Guest Blogger
    If you’re well known in a specific niche or industry, you can also earn an income by offering your services as a guest blogger for other sites.

    6. Podcaster
    Podcasting is a great way to share information and expertise in an audio format.

    7. Newsletter Writer
    50 Small Business Ideas for Infopreneurs - Newsletter Writer
    Or you can share your expertise with subscribers via an email newsletter.

    8. Affiliate Marketer
    Whether you have a blog, podcast, newsletter or other online venue, you can build a business by working with brands as an affiliate marketer that drives traffic to related websites.

    9. YouTube Personality
    You can also create your own YouTube channel or online videos where you share information and make money via advertising.

    10. Public Speaker
    If you prefer to share your expertise in person, you can make public speaking appearances at relevant events.

    11. Niche Website Operator
    You can also start a website in a specific niche and share information in formats other than traditional blog posts or podcasts.

    12. Membership Site Owner
    Or you can build a website and charge a membership fee for those who want to access specific parts of the site or receive other benefits like bonus content via email.

    13. Social Media Influencer
    You can also share your expertise or information via social media and build up your reputation as a social media influencer.

    14. Social Media Manager
    Though it’s also a service-based business, you can share your expertise through those services by working with businesses to manage their social media accounts.

    15. Online Course Creator
    For those who want to teach a specific skill or craft, you can create your own online courses and sell them to relevant customers.

    16. Workbook Seller
    Or you can create workbooks, worksheets or other informational downloads and sell them via a blog or website.

    17. How-to Guide Creator
    How-to guides can be another great way to share specific pieces of information. You can create your own and then sell them online or even make hard copies.

    18. Magazine Publisher
    Traditional print publications might not be as popular as they used to be. But you can still create your own magazines or similar publications and sell them to consumers.

    19. Newspaper Publisher
    Likewise, you can create a local or niche newspaper to sell information to consumers.

    20. Freelance Blogger
    Freelancing is another great way to sell your expertise in a specific subject. You can write for other websites or publications as a way to earn an income.

    21. Ghost Blogger
    Or you could create articles or blog posts and sell them to websites for them to publish under their own names.

    22. Copywriter
    Copywriters can specialize in a variety of different content formats. You can build your own business writing anything from advertisement s to product descriptions.

    23. Coach
    Or you could work with clients on a more personal level as a coach in a specific field or niche, either in person or online.

    24. Consultant
    Consultants are similar to coaches, but can help people or businesses deal with more specific issues.

    25. Forum Moderator
    If you want to build an info business online, you can create an online forum where you and members of your community can share information.

    26. Community Leader
    Or you can start a community based business either in person or online and make money through events or membership.

    27. Directory Site Operator
    You can also create a website specifically to list a specific type of information. You can then charge businesses or individuals to be listed on your site.

    28. Industry Thought Leader
    If you’re able to build expertise in a specific industry, you can come to be known as a thought leader and earn an income through anything from training sessions to speaking engagements.

    29. Printables Seller
    There are a variety of different printable products you can sell online through downloads, from in-depth guides to simple informational posters.

    30. Webinar Host
    Webinars are quick online informational events where you can share your expertise with a wide audience over video.

    31. Workshop Host
    Or you could host in-person workshops and charge an admission fee to interested consumers.

    32. Tutor
    If you want to share your expertise on a one-on-one level, you can start a business as a tutor specializing in a particular subject.

    33. Class Instructor
    Or you can start a larger class teaching anything from dance to SAT-prep.

    34. Conference Organizer
    If you want to share information via conferences or events, you can start your own and then make sure you have great speakers and info for your attendees.

    35. Mobile App Seller
    Mobile apps can also help you share information with mobile consumers. You can develop your own and then sell it or make money via in-app purchases or ads.

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