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5 Reasons To Buy The HTC One M8 Over Every Other Smartphone

« on: February 24, 2016, 10:24:25 AM »  (Read 1657 times)
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  • The HTC One M8 is an awesome smartphone. While we may all have certain reasons we prefer certain phones over other, there are other universal reason we all agree on. Here are 5 Reasons To Buy The HTC One M8 Over Every Other Smartphone

    Camera and Zoe

    The HTC One M8’s unusual dual rear camera set-up takes decent quality pictures, particularly in low-light. This is thanks to the ultra pixel technology that’s capable of capturing more light in an image. But the additional lens has a further purpose, it acts as a depth-sensor.

    With this, you’ll be able to blur out areas of the picture that isn’t in focus to give them more a professional look – HTC calls this ‘UFocus’. You can even alter images after they’ve been taken to change the amount of background blur to a level you’re happy with.

    HTC’s pre-installed picture sharing social network, Zoe, encourages you to make B3tter – and more frequent – use of the camera. Essentially Zoe stitches your pictures and videos into a highlight reel. It does so automatically by adding music and filters, but you can do this manually too.

    The social networking side of app allows you to share your videos with friends, who can “remix” them. It’s particularly useful for big events (festivals and concerts for example) where you can see highlight reels from other people at the same event.


    The HTC M8 epitomises the word ‘premium’. The slick all-metal casing has picked up awards all throughout the year and rightly so. The brushed metal casing is made up of 90% metal, which is up from 70% in the previous version- the HTC One.

    The ergonomic curved design – similar to the Moto range – is comfortably the most superior design for a large smartphone because of how easy it is to hold and use.

    Perfection in design is built into HTC’s DNA. At every HTC launch event, we’re reminded of how important it is to get the basics, as well the complex stuff, right before the device hits the shelves. In most cases, this is marketing talk that should be dismissed, but there is an element of truth to the claims when it comes the M8.

    From the expertly positioned Boomsound speakers, which are barely visible, to the introduction of a Micro SD card slot – the One was arguably the best designed and one of the best looking smartphones of 2014.


    HTC’s boomsound is a genuinely impressive feat of mobile technology. How HTC managed to pack that much power into a smartphone and tiny speakers – which typically pump out pathetic, distorted noise – I’ll never know. But it is executed impressively well.

    Of course, these are still smartphone speakers. They lack clarity and base, but they’re loud enough to watch listen to from a distance, which is useful if you plot your phone down whilst you do something else. Music and other sounds that require the full depth of quality of a proper speaker might not be the best way to test the boomsound speakers, but TV shows, podcasts and YouTube vids are all enhanced by the powerful front-facing stereos.

    HTC One M8 Battery life and power saver

    Whilst the HTC One M8 2600mAh battery has been dwarfed by newer handsets boasting power-packs above 3000mAh, the efficiency of Sense 6 and the 801 Snapdragon processor give the M8 some real lasting power. You can comfortably get two days of medium use out of the M8, and a day/day-and-half with heavy use.

    But the ace that HTC has up its sleeve is the extreme power saving mode that can scrimp three or four more days from one charge if used sparingly. If you’re without a charger, away on a trip, and only need your phone for the basics – you can stretch out a single charge for almost a week.

    Micro SD
    Expandable storage is a feature that’s only beneficial and it should be available in every smartphone. It’s difficult to express the importance of expandable memory, and the misery it causes when it’s not available. Managing space and mass-deletion of content and apps is an inevitable and painful reality people ignore when they buy a 16GB device with no expandable memory.

    There’s also usually a huge cost difference B3tween the 16GB and the 128GB versions. The M8’s SD support is a welcome and necessary feature.


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