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Five books you must have read as a Nigerian

« on: January 26, 2016, 12:10:40 PM »  (Read 1329 times)
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  • The books listed below are the books, most Nigerians B3tween the age of 15 - 80 have read, you might not have read all these books but at least you should be familiar with one or two of them.

    Note: they may not necessarily be the best books out there, but they would surely rank high in the most read books by Nigerians

    1. Things fall apart.

    Things Fall Apart is a post-colonial novel written by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe in 1958, the first of its kind to receive global acclaim .It is a staple book in schools throughout Africa and is widely read and studied in English-speaking countries around the world. It follows the story of a man called okonkwo.leade r and local wrestling champion in the fictional Nigerian village of Umuofia. The work is split into three parts, the first describing his family and personal history, the customs and society of the Igbo, and the second and third sections introduce the influence of British colonialism and Christian missionaries on the Igbo community.

    You can download the eBook at souschool

    2. Eze goes to school

    This book is written by Onuora Nzekwu in 1963, although it is a children 's book, it made waves in the Nigerian educational sector and was used as the main literature book by pupils in the primary school, it follows the story  of a boy named Eze , the challenges he faced while he wanted to get enrolled into the school, and how he overcame them

    3.Half of a yellow sun

    Half of a Yellow Sun is a novel by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. the novel tells the story of the Biafran War through the perspective of the characters Olanna, Ugwu, and Richard.was listed as one of New York Times Most Notable Books of 2006.

    4. Ake

    Like all autobiographi es, Aké records interesting anecdotes, childhood adventures, and fond memories of friends and numerous relatives. However, what stands out in the narrative is the child’s perspective of the illogicality of the adult world.Wole Soyinka was a bright, curious child and his account of his early childhood in the town of Abeokuta in Western Nigeria is enchanting. He writes with his adult voice, but maintains the child's perspective and understanding throughout, the one exception a nostalgic contrasting of street-fronts then and now. Events are not always joyful — most obviously the harsh treatment of a mentally ill woman and the death of a sibling — but Aké is ebullient, full of the excitement of new discoveries and opportunities, a celebration of the wonders of childhood.

    5. Nigerian constitution

    Nigeria has had a series of constitutions . The current constitution was enacted on 29 May 1999, the constitution was converted into ebooks and apps for java, blackberry and android users, thereby making more people have access to it and many Nigerians reading it.

    You can download the full eBook at source



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