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Design a Business Webiste --See Samples

« on: December 13, 2015, 01:39:10 PM »  (Read 1927 times)
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  • Design a standard custom website for your Bussiness, Products or Services for low price, no need of spending so much money designing website, you too can own your own website and expose your business to millions of web surfers daily and increase your sales massivelly, with our website development, we will make sure we expose and advertise your website for you free of Charge using our website marketing tools, such as Website submission to over 7000 search engines, Website Traffic Tool, Social Media campaigns, etc, we also have other website income generating tools which we can introduce to you such as Google adsense Income, Affilate Advert Income, Sponsored advert Income, etc. See below Features of your website design

    Features of Website
    1. Up to 5 - 10 Pages
    2. Banners and Slideshows
    3. Enquiry Forms
    4. Free Website Submission to Popular Search Engines
    5. Business Logo (Optional)
    6. Pictures Galleries
    7. Blog Link
    8. Facebook & Twitter Integration
    9. Domain name and Hosting i.e www.yourbusin
    10. Corporate E-mail account, e.g
    11. Google Adsense Banner to Eran Money from Google Daily
    12. Website Submission to 10,000 Search Engines

    Requirement to design website
    1. Business Profile
    2. Logo
    3. Pictures

    To Design Contact: 07052017052, 07062940253
    For website Portfolios visit: www.guageconc


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