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Let Me Make Money For You In Virtual Free (only B3t365 Or Ladbrokes)

« on: December 31, 2013, 05:00:08 PM »  (Read 2790 times)
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  • Guys am really happy doing this and God has bless me with virtual   , about 1year ago if you should tell me about football    or virtual    i would tell you to go to hell blc it look like gambling to me. But today here i am making money everyday from virtual football   .

    Ladies and Gentlemen about 2 months ago i applied for a UBA Africard and before then a friend introduce me to    on live matches on ladbrokes and i later discovered that i can also B3t on virtual    so i was playing the demo game and within 1 month of sleepless night and continous enthiusiam for me wanting to make it i keep on    and working out a strategy that works and at last i discovered a strategy that work.

    Ladies and Gentlemen : Why am i Saying This
    Thank you, i want to help you make money into your virtual    account note that i can only help you if you are using either ladbrokes or B3t365. This what you need to do you would give me your login details and make sure you have atleast 100 dollar in your ladbrokes or B3t365 account.

    Are You Afraid i Might Be Scam
    God forbid i do that, am not going to kill my reputation online just blc of that God has already made me make enough cash via virtual    within only 2 months and beside you giving me your login details and later change your password after me doing my Job.

    But Wait This is Not Totally Free... There is a TOS(Terms and Condition)
    You know my time is very valuable to me and the truth is that i also need kola. So what am i trying to say fine, after i make money into your account you give me half of what i make into your account.

    When Would You Deliver My Work
    Your account would be B3t on and work delivered within 3 business days depending on how much you want me to make into your account.

    How Much Should Be The Minimum Amount In My Account to Enable You B3t For Me
    Please note that the minimum amount for you to have in your account to enable me trade/B3t for you should be 100 dollar.

    What    Sites Do You B3t For
    Please note that if you don'nt have account with ladbrokes or B3t365 then i can'nt be of help to you because those are the    site i understand perfectly blc they use the 1x2gaming platform.

    Can I Hire You To Trade On Behalf Of Me
    Yes, i do handle client account and i trade for them upto 2 weeks, a month e.t.c it all depends on you.

    Ok Do You Have An Ebook that Can Teach Me Your Strategy Instead of
    You Making Money Into My Account

    Oh yes, i do have an ebook infact the reason why i want to make money into your account myself is because of doubters atleast i don'nt like to be abuse by people who talk like kids on this forum hence my reason for making money into your account directly and thereafter you pay me half of what i made into your account. If you decide later you can also buy my ebook and apply the strategy please note that the ebook is 5k flat am not begging anybody to buy the ebook blc is worth more than a million dollar but my strategy work and is not a saturated strategy hence i want Nigerians to make money like me everyday.
    Note: After Selling The ebook for 20 Nigerians i would stop selling it and i mean it.

    Can I see You Live For Discussion
    Absolutely yes, if you are in doubt about giving me your login details or buying my ebook you can as well come to me 'one on one' in Delta state and we discuss and i make money to your account live and direct.

    How Can I Reach You Via Mobile Phone Or Social Chat
    Yes, You can reach me via my mobile number if you want me to B3t for you or want to buy my ebook: 08088230939.
    My 2go Id: Alfredys.

    Thank You. Let Make this money together. Cheers.
    Please if you do have any question drop it here so i can answer them.


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