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why many will die poor and a few wealthy

« on: December 04, 2013, 12:00:15 PM »  (Read 2671 times)
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  • opportunity they say comes but once. the
    problem of many of us is not the government
    but us. we are too scared to take a stand. too
    scared to give it all out. too lazy to start a race.
    we are too comfortable with our present
    condition. not willing to leave our comfort zone.
    financial freedom makes a significant difference
    in our lives. life can be beautiful when we live
    pur life to the fullest.
    my dear friends don't be too comfortable and
    step out to your financial freedom.
    I used to be a doubting Thomas until I let go of
    my fear and I discovered that beyond your fear
    on d other side lies success.
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    distrbutors and brand partners in nigeria (make
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