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Jonathan warns of military intervention in Mali if talks with rebels fail

« on: August 23, 2012, 02:27:42 PM »  (Read 3255 times)
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  • Jonathan warns of military intervention in Mali if talks with rebels failPresident Goodluck Jonathan has warned that military intervention in northern Mali will be inevitable if talks with Islamist group controlling the region, fails.
    President Jonathan made this known during his visit to Senegal. He however stated that a West African force would only be deployed, with the approval of the United Nations.
    ECOWAS would send a force to the area if a peace deal is not reached with the Islamist fighters, stated the president, adding that “diplomacy and negotiation is first.”
    “ECOWAS will definitely intervene militarily, but … first and foremost we are negotiating,” he said after talks with Senegalese President Mr Macky Sall.
    “We must stabilise the government … I believe through negotiation we will be able to resolve the crisis, we don’t necessarily need military intervention … but if that fails we will have no option.”
    “Military intervention is extreme and when negotiations fail, at that time you can talk about military intervention” he said.
    Burkina Faso’s Foreign Minister Djibrille Bas held talks with the militants last month as part of bloc’s diplomatic effort to end the conflict. ...

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