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Negative Influence of Media in Africa

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  • Bad news sells good like hot cake, some of us can't even get enough of the hot cakes so the great teacher tell us, "write until your story raises a hell." that's why in Africa, there is a lot of burning hell already - so burning hot is the hell that young Africans keep queuing for visas in some very unfriendly countries shouting "Africa, Africa, friends of Africa, Africa this, Africa that' while they piss - in your face, move down to Africa and pull over truck loads of gold, diamond and barrels of oil and walk away with very impudent face - Reason is they use the bad news to scare you and your friends away from the beautiful paradise of Africa.

    "Bad news sell hot" and when you believe it or they make you accept it, you run from your home, motherland, place of natural peace and comfort to waste your prime in these unfriendly places.
    Forget about the fast lane, get rich quick stories flying in from New York, Brussels and Shenzhen, we know who and where to steal from and we know when to run. A couple of folks I do know have been in the game for over a decade, some have been holed-in underground in Commie prisons for life! Run, hide, get caught and hit the brick wall.

    That's some warped rich kid hustle and bustle mentality - more than half of us always end up in misery. If you doubt me go ahead and take advantage of people, trick them and rip some off, live as big as you can with other people's hard earned money you never care a pin how hard they work for it. Let's meet at the other end - They always end up in misery and their span short-lived. Wasted prime, wasted energy, running around like rats do and wrapping it up in Africa in misery.

    No place like Africa, sweet home of natural peace and free living souls, but why the rush, why the race away from motherland, young brother? Why the bizarre news of famine, war and disease that will make you shudder and run away? – Somalia, Rwanda, Sudan etc. there certainly must be something beautiful about these places other than pictures of very hungry dying kids waiting to be eaten by a vulture. The bitter truth is, we do live in some harsh realities of life but soon, it's going to burn hot all over the world starting from North Korea to South Korea and the rest and Africa will be the only place of peace left for mankind, forget the bizarre stories of a burning hell of a continent strapped with a begging bowl of aid, unrest in Libya, famine in Somalia, disease and poverty stricken. Many of these events are simply man-made.

    The demise of Libya is man-made! The scary famine documentary of Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia are all man-made.
    It's very simple.
    Get a dumb African to sell the blessed fruits and foods from the soil of these blessed countries of Africa, trick him to sell the oils, gold and diamonds too through the back door - promise him eternal wealth in Europe, United State of Abracadabra and lots more. Then promise to give him free guns and war equipment, make him believe you are his friend from somewhere across the seas.

    With the guns, the dumb Africans will block foods and medical access to the other parts of the country that constitute possibly more intelligent individuals that he sees as a threat to his dumb chicken brain, their own country in the name of War, in the name of fighting for whatever crappy ideas that come up into their dumb heads at a particular point in time.

    When they block the food and medical access to the other regions of their own country, the people starve until they begin to starve to death, then the gun mongers, who sold these guns to these dumb Africans by stealing their gold, oil and diamond through the backdoor will beckon on their scare monger media, they will line up cameras from EU, Washington, Beijing etc, they will line up their nosey poker cameras down to your poor mother's kitchen in the villages of Africa.
    What are they doing? They are simply shooting a documentary of your crass ignorance, Mr. Phd African. Although you are educated but your education has not been able to influence any meaningful change in the way the media view your continent.

    Although you are educated with your brains full of paper knowledge and strange academic quotes that are irrelevant to your present economic situation, you have not been able to understand the power of the media to make a hell of any place it so desires especially any place with potentials for greatness - once the people cared less but will prefer to live in a fake monkey comforts home in Europe than use your brain to emancipate your blessed country of Africa.
    Will they stop the shipping of guns to the Somalia war-mongers? No way! Will they ask him to clear off the roads so foods could reach out to the starving Africans, his own people? No way! This is business. The media understand this kind of business very well.

    This is the power of the media. Make a hell of Africa, so that no meaningful business takes place there, make a hell of China's newfound home of natural resources and friendship so that they will treat the Africans like some bucket of - – perhaps they could be incited against the Chinese too. A lot of Africans loosing teaching job opportunities over here already based on the power of the media to make a hell of any place or people it so desires.

    Will the African Union (AU) order for some actions against the crazy religious war mongers in Somalia? What for? Life is good in government house, I also want to get there, maybe I will stop the brain-racking too.
    Is Africa an infertile land? Never! Do foods grow in Africa at all so that the people don't have to starve and serve as regular cover models for CNN and BBC documentary on poverty, famine and diseases? YES. Foods grow in excess and there are plenty of fertile lands to grow foods, if the land of Somalia is not fertile to grow foods, there will be no green tree standing.

    Africans don't produce no guns, they don't produce no killer weapons. The matchets and cutlasses you see in our hands are simply some good bargains from a cross border merchant.
    The land of Africa is one of the most fertile in the whole world, virtually anything can grow with less use of fertilizer, some villages in Africa is surrounded by crystal clear rivers, some Safaris in Africa is like a dream paradise.

    So, where are all these bizarre pictures of famine and pitiable poverty stricken helpless Africans coming from?
    My teacher told me; "Write until your story raise a hell" or else you got no story!
    That's what you read every day on BBC, CNN and the likes - I really wish I can run some CNN too, make some good money selling bad news or working as a scare monger for the gun dealers, scout for some dumb people use them against their own and shout famine, famine, famine, war and disease then set up an NGO, just give it any name as long as it ends with "Donate Africa" or "Poverty Africa", raise a lot of money, some millions of dollars, give these dumb Africans causing the famine in their own motherland some chicken feeds from the NGO donations and make sure CNN and BBC scream it out loud how WE are making some million dollar donations to Africa!

    Well, sometimes ago I discovered that I have two brains; one told me that the pictures are good, so that more people of the world could donate more money and foods to Africa when they see those pictures of human scare-crows on screen and reduce poverty and diseases in Africa. But when will this end? When will this nightmare end?

    This kind of donations has thrived since I was born! 30 plus year of donations to end poverty is making me ashamed and seems like 'a dash of cabin biscuits' to a 3 year old.
    Donate money and food in front of the camera; make sure the media covers it. Ship the guns and killer ammunition to Africa overnight; make sure no media man is seen buzzing around. So who is afraid to make this plain? Why don't the Mr. Donor men starve the war mongers instead?

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