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Business idea for you

« on: August 31, 2010, 03:01:04 PM »  (Read 2958 times)
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    •     Web design/business  for sale. (

      It is an  E-currency exchange business. It involves buying and selling of liberty  reserve, Paypal, virtual credit card and forex funding and withdrawing agency.

      The  business has been planned from A-Z and the website is 95% completed.
      (Little  information of the proposed client will be updated.)  (for sale)
      All  business steps and guide to run this business will be given to you, with even  new creative ideas and other business tool like email marketing from my email  website.

      Why we are  selling it.
      Recently,  we have developed so many internet based business but can’t utilize and operate  all efficiently. So we decide on developing internet based business and selling  it to a client that will operate it. With will stand by the side and guide  him/her grow the business at that time we are building an empire of great  genuine internet business community.

      My website


      To see my previous  work.

      For more  details
      Call: Emma  0-8-0-3-2-1-4-8-8-8-6


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