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Nigerian National team Super Eagles are Not Super afterall

« on: January 13, 2010, 09:52:51 AM »  (Read 3150 times)
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  • Sad news, Nigerian National team The Super eagle lost 1-3 to more focus and goal getter Egypt national football team, The Pharaohs yesterday 12th January 2010 in 2010 Africa Nations Cup. I felt like hitting my head on the wall. What a disgusting play by Super eagle players or should I say Amodu. Everything went wrong about 15minutes into the match and the bench just sat there been entertained and end-up making wrong substitutions .
    Well, I think we need fresh blood in the national team not big names who can hardly fight or keep ball. We need players that are fit physically, mentally and ready to play the game not just there to make history. We need a coach who can really be in command and not been instructed on what to do by anybody.
    Our Super Eagles are No longer Super ! !! What can we do?


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