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Thou Shalt Not Hold Her Purse For Her

« on: March 15, 2017, 11:36:08 PM »  (Read 386 times)
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  • I recently posted this at but wanted to share it here also:

    Has this ever happened to you?

    You, as a man, image of masculinity such that you are, are in the company of a woman (as is often the case, we hope). Maybe you are at the mall (as is not often the case, we hope), or some social event, or God forbid a sporting event. Out of nowhere, she turns to you and requests, "Here, hold my purse. I'll be right back."

    Blindly obliging this request, gentlemen, is The Thing That Must Never Be.

    It's a test. It's a test not only of your , but of your ability to be manhandled. It could be an unconscious one on her part, but then again it could be a calculated assessment to how well you'll eventually accept being cuckolded in the not-too-distant future.

    Someone said, "Dude, what does 'cuckolded' mean?"


    To many of you out there, this may seem like a minor issue...or even a hang-up. But I'm telling you, I've never seen a man who exhibits the "Big Four" holding some chick's purse for her. Especially if she's trying on a few things at The Limited.

    I've also never seen a woman gaze lovingly and with glowing admiration upon a man who is clutching her purse patiently pending her return.

    So don't feel "obligated" guys. Just say "no". If she isn't up to schlepping her purse around, she should have left it home. And if she isn't understanding of your point of view and/or uses your "lack of cooperation" as a weapon later then consider that a warning message about what a long-term relationship with her looks like.

    Ultimately, this is all rolled into "The Reverse Golden Rule" as outlined in last week's newsletter. You know, "Would I ever do unto someone else what is being done unto me here?"

    Let me spell this out. I'm not going to expect Emily to sit with me on a Sunday afternoon and endure a full four quarters. That said, considering I can't even endure a full four quarters of my Ravens this season maybe that's a poor example. How about, "Hey, why don't you and your fresh manicure go out and check the oil in my F-150 real quick?" "What do you mean, 'I don't think so', you mean you can't figure out something that easy?"

    Yeah well, she can figure it out alright. That doesn't change the fact that it's a completely unreasonable request.

    Were I her, I'd purrrr some offhand response to the effect of, "Why sure, baby. Here...hold my purse for me while I do that."

    Let's all respect each other's masculinity and femininity, ladies and gentlemen. Even when it's at the brief and momentary cost to our own personal convenience.


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