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How to recognize online business fraudsters

« on: January 26, 2016, 11:51:56 AM »  (Read 827 times)
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  • Internet fraudsters are people who engage in the activities of ing, swindling and defrauding their victims online, internet fraudsters are multiplying everyday and we have to know how we can recognize them and avoid becoming their preys , these fraudsters can act in groups or as private individuals and their ways and  mode of operation are categorized into four types

    1. The business like approach ; in this case the scammers can set up organizations  and websites online to swindle unsuspecting people,and a fraudster could also use the various legal online sites e.g shopping sites we have to carry out his or her operations they display goods for sale and when the buyers made the payment, they ended up sending fake or no goods at all to the buyer, they make false business proposals to rich individuals or corporations to swindle  them, most people who fall victim to this category are greedy ones who want to acquire everything cheap.

    2. Love scams ; the fraudsters in this category are very active in social and dating sites e.g Facebook, eskimi etc, they feigned love and care to their victims, thereby working their ways into their victims , making false marriage plans ,to the point where the unsuspecting victims would be compelled and at ease to send the fraudsters money.

    3 Acting as agents ; In this category, the fradusters attach themselves to legal companies, organizations , celebrities, governmental agencies etc and lie to the public that they are acting on behalf of these people,they create different phony accounts of celebrities and develop different schemes there to get money from the innocent  fans and followers of the celebrities

    4. The pity me approach ; some fraudsters cook up fake stories to get pity and money from good Samaritans online, these type of scammers are mainly seen in public forums.

    But today, i will be writing on how to idetinfy online business fraudsters, scammers that make use of the first category.

    How to recognize online business fraudsters

    1, Their offers are always too good to be true ; when they display their goods on online shopping sites, their price is always low compared to the actual price of the product, they display cheap amazing offers that will make the victim thinks he/she would be gaining a lot , but in actual sense losing, after receiving the money, they would send fake products or no products at all, because of the bad reviews they will get, after  defrauding many,
    they will close and delete the account.

    2.They keep pestering you to do business with them : they check your profiles on your social accounts, check what your proffesion is , hook you up and offer you mouth watering deals and business proposals, if you refused , they will keep pestering you, trying to convince you that they are real and legit, they could even go to the extent of showing you fake evidences until the victims give in to their request

    3.They give private account numbers that might be different from their brand; most of the time, they give private account numbers that when you check the name up on social sites, the information there is always different from the one they are trying to dupe you with.

    4.They have no history whatsoever ; when you try to check their history online,you won't find any information about them and their evidences don't add up.

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    Re: How to recognize online business fraudsters

    « Reply #1 on: March 19, 2017, 01:08:29 AM »  (Read 827 times)
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  • Good one there op lovely post and thanks for the caution note.


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