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HAVE YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU. Imagine Making More Money while you sleep

« on: May 04, 2012, 03:46:45 AM »  (Read 2699 times)
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    Investing with Dan Fx Investment Financial Department is totally transparent. The innovative technology trading system developed by the company's specialists is based on modern advanced techniques and has been proving it effective for many years.


    If you invest N20,000.00 with our company, we use it to trade on Forex and other business and we make 25% interest, which is about N5,000.00 daily from your initial investment plan for 10days. Then multiply interest amount by 10days and that is N50,000.00. Our company pays the total amount of the 10 investment days in addition with the initial deposited investment amount.

    The same procedure is applicable when you invest with N50,000.00, and N80,000.00, N100,000.00, N250,000.00, and N500,000.00. However, the interest rate paid varies depending on the amount invested.

    Dan Fx Investment Financial Department  guarantees profits in every investments, their main task is to minimize the risk for every transaction,  making it maximum profitable at the same time.

    Investment Plans:   25% Daily for 10 days!

    Payment Processor Accepted: Liberty Reserve or your Local Bank Account

    visit www.danfxfina and open a free DFXI online account, fill in your data carefully, and receive an email from our admin with instructions on how to make first deposit to your DanFx Account.

    I'm looking for a few good people. People who want financial freedom.

    A few good people who aren't afraid of some hard work - maybe even very hard work - for a couple of days this month.

    A few good people ready for success.

    Interested? Find out more on this great Business Opportunity, visit or Click

    Open a free DFXI online account

    Multiple Investment is allowed.
    This means that one can invest any amount for any number of times you may wish and still have your interest multiplied to such number of times.
    For instance, one can invest N20,000.00 in 5 times at a time, N20,000.00 multiplied by 5 is about N100,000.00 investment for 10days and get 25% for each. That is N50,000.00 interest in 5 times, which is N250,000.00 interest for 10days in addition to the initial investment amount of N100,000 making it N350,000 within 10days.

    You can send me email on or

    TO NIGERIA CALL   +234 806 746 3910 for Investment guide and how to start up.


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