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Learn how to Invest and Make Money by Investing

« on: May 20, 2011, 08:20:13 PM »  (Read 2515 times)
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  • We are here for those that are seriously looking more genuine interest paying investment within a specified days.

    DFXI Investment Inc company was established in early 2007 to finalize a excellent knowledge and short term investment experience into a

    project to provide safe and secured investment to people around the world. Company has several departments to gain profit from both forex

    and stock trades, gold metal market with backup of gaining profit from short term loans issued to personals with use of electronic payment

    systems to minimize fees, transfer time and security. There is always possible risk with one of a mentioned above activity type, but in

    total we've got a well organized financial structure with backup source fund and almost no risk for Company's end customers. Stable, long

    term and secure operation is the main key of our business

    We have the greatest assets, high profile professionals who study the market on daily basics.

    Our invest plans and interest within specified days are listed below.

    Amount      Days   Daily Percent  Daily amount  Due Interest amount    Percent and Investment Amount     Total Amount
    N20,000.00    10       25%     N5,000.00       N50,000.00 * 35%       N17,700.00  & N20,000.00              N37,500.00
    N50,000.00    10       25%     N12,500.00     N125,000.00 * 40%      N50,000.00  & N50,000.00                N100,000.00   
    N80,000.00    10       25%     N20,000.00     N200,000.00 * 45%      N90,000.00  & N80,000.00                N170,000.00
    N100,000.00  10       25%     N25,000.00     N250,000.00 * 50%      N125,000.00 & N100,000.00           N225,000.00
    N250,000.00  10       25%     N65,000.00     N625,000.00 * 60%      N375,000.00 & N250,000.00           N625,000.00
    N500,000.00  10       25%     N125,000.00   N1,250,000.00 * 70%    N875,000.00 & N500,000.00           N1,375,000.00

    Our Forex Trading pays up to 25% of your initial Investment amount daily, Invest today and create room for your incoming dividends.

    Payment Procedures.

    If you invest N20,000.00 with our company, we use it to trade on Forex and make 25% interest, which is about N5,000.00 daily from your

    initial investment plan for 10days. Then multiply interest amount by 10days and that is N50,000.00. Our company pays you 35% from the total

    amount of the 10 investment days in addition with the initial deposited investment amount while the remaining 65% from the 10days interest

    amount goes to the company's trust fund account as our share of the investment.

    The same procedure is applicable when you invest with N50,000.00, and N80,000.00, N100,000.00, N250,000.00, and N500,000.00. However, the

    interest rate paid varies depending on the amount invested.

    Multiple Investment is allowed.

    This means that one can invest any amount for any number of times you may wish and still have your interest multiplied to such number of

    times. For instance, one can invest N20,000.00 in 5 times at a time, N20,000.00 multiplied by 5 is about N100,000.00 investment for 10days

    and get 35% for each. That is N17,500.00 interest in 5 times, which is N87,500.00 interest for 10days in addition to the initial investment

    amount of N100,000 making it N187,000 within 10days.

    Investment Procedures.

    You will be required to choose any investment plan of your choice and then contact us with the below information.

    For more information and clarification, visit our website below.

    Website: www.dfxifinan
    Emails: dfxfinacialde

    Customer Service:  +234 (0) 8067463910

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    Re: Learn how to Invest and Make Money by Investing

    « Reply #1 on: August 13, 2011, 04:01:41 PM »  (Read 2515 times)
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  • All these kind of investment is good, its just that these people will just run away after they have duped people. I have experience about 6 of this kind of naija thing


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